Does Algenist Really Work? the Complete 2020 Review Inside

Algenist Skincare Brand Review

As a brand that made its debut onto the market in 2011, Algenist has rapidly become a top-selling skin care name. Unique in its micro-algae formulas, Algenist skin care has been developed by biotechnologists, based in San Francisco.

This is an intelligent line, with products to tackle the signs of aging (predominantly). The higher price point of Algenist matches the quality and uniqueness of its ingredients.

The company describes discovering a ‘breakthrough’ compound inside algae: alguronic acid. This signature ingredient incorporates all type of algae extract, which is known to thrive and regenerate in harshest environmental conditions.

Therefore, Algenist’s skin care formulations pride themselves on renewal properties for the skin. We explore some of their most popular products and consider whether we rate them.

Algenist Skin Care Review
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There’s no doubt that Algenist products provide a sense of renewal: skin feels refreshed and radiant after a few uses! With their key ingredient- Alguronic Acid- included as a ‘cell renewal’ agent, this is an engaging approach to more natural and sustainable skin care.

The products feel good on the skin, and the ingredients list is very reassuring. However, there is a strong scent which accompanies many of the products- and it’s not the most likeable smell for a skin care line.

As a bonus, however, the company supply a large proportion of their products in ‘travel size,’ which we think is GREAT if you want to try before you buy full size!

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When it comes to this brand, there are a handful of signature products that seem like daily staples for a good, anti-aging skin care regime:

Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream

Considering there’s such emphasis surrounding Algenist’s devotion to anti-aging skin care, we are starting our review here, with the ‘Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream.’

This cream does not disappoint in the sensation it provides when you put it on. It is super soft and luxurious!

We also love that it’s filled with bioactive ingredients, making this a desirable moisturiser for everyday use. With its combination of Alguronic Acid, Microalgae Oil and Plant Collagen, this does live up to its name of being ‘ultimate’ in respect of its promising ingredients.

The product has a high price tag for its size (2oz tub,) but it also contains shea butter and antioxidants- so you are paying for quality. In addition to this, you can’t argue that this cream does a great job of moisturizing!

Do be wary, however, that this particular product is fragranced with a very sweet smell, which might not be to your liking. And as for its anti-aging effects? Perhaps it’s a little mixed.

Whilst the company challenge you to notice the difference in 10 days, it might be said that your skin will feel great for 10 days.

But you might question claims that it has much effect on the appearance of wrinkles in that time. That said, skin does feel tighter and radiant, after using twice a day.

Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen

The Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen is a serum that contains a ‘unique’ formula, with the aim to visibly restore and replenish the appearance of your skin!

One of the best things about this liquid collagen is that it does provide an instant ‘skin-plumping’ effect, which is presumably why you’d want to buy it in the first place!

This is a really likeable product: everything from it’s divine packaging to its ‘springing’ sensation shouts luxury! The texture is ever so light-weight, it practically melts into the skin.

This is because the serum has a liquid-gel consistency, containing 13,000 ‘Microalgae Oil’ microbeads, which are rich in Omegas and a natural source of Vitamin E.

Skin often welcomes ingredients such as these, and it’s nice to use a product that feels like it bodes health benefits for your skin.

The only drawback about this Genius product is that it is fragranced with an ingredient called limonene, which can irritate some skin types.

Before you pay the full high price tag, definitely check out the website and pick up a FREE mini-sized trial of this product to ensure it will be work with your skin.

The free tester shows the company’s ethics towards considerate customer care- thank you, Algenist!

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm

Here, we are talking about an eye balm for comfort: it’s soft and delicate on the eyes, with a rich sensation!

The Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm is acclaimed as a ‘multi-tasker.’

The brand suggests this formula can function to: decrease puffiness; smooth lines; help dark circles; nourish and prime the area before make-up.

This product feels quality as soon as you massage it under or around the eye areas. The formula certainly feels effective in its moisturization and softness, but whether it eliminates aging lines- which the company claim it can- maybe only time would tell?

There didn’t seem to be a particularly obvious or dramatic change here when applied. The complete eye balm is packaged in a delightful, glazed-white tub of 15ml, which gives it the luxury aesthetic the brand promotes.

Despite the small size, this product does offer many uses where it is a balm instead of a cream- there’s something refreshing about using a balm for the eyes, too: it feels much more light-weight!

Labeled as a renewal product, there’s no doubt that the ingredient list would offer freshness to your skin, with the key ingredient being the brand’s staple: alguronic acid (which sounds much harsher than it is!)

Algenist Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Another one of their signature products, lining up an attack on the signs of aging, is the Algenist Regenerative Anti-Anging Moisturizer.

For many women, moisturizers are a secure part of a skin care routine and, initially, this product seems on the small size for something that you might want to use daily.

However, it is packed with alguronic acid for renewal purposes, as well as shea butter, vitamin C and apple cell extract featuring on the ingredients list, so it achieves much more for the skin than an average moisturizer.

But it does have a couple of sticking points. Firstly, this is another of Algenist’s skin care line that has a very strong scent, which can be quite off-putting.

Also, it might be the ‘fragrance’ that causes a few skin types to break out a little on first use, which is probably not what you want.

It comes in a tub, which is OK, but for the price tag attached you might hope this would be packaged in a pump-action bottle for ease of use.

On the plus side, it’s got to be said that this moisturizer tackles areas of dry skin very successfully. Overall, it’s not the most highly-rated of Algenist’s skin care products.


As a final point to note, a really great thing about Algenist is that a large proportion of their products also come in travel sized versions: this is excellent news if you want to try (a small version) before you buy!

In addition to this, there are a few testers on site too, that are free to purchase. It’s good to turn to a company who seem to have good ethics and a warming approach to customers who are a little unsure. It’s great that Algenist encourage trials for their customers, before having to jump straight into the luxury range head first!


In this Algenist review, we can now state that we’re a fan of what’s inside each product: the ingredients certainly do seem to be quite innovative and fit the ‘Genius’ title that the company provides.

From serums to creams, to balm and moisturizer, all aspects of skin care are covered, with a clear focus on anti-aging. It must be said that Algenist products do give a real sense of renewal when applied on the skin, and we love the Genius Liquid

Reactions: we tried to reach out Algenist for an in-depth interview to answer and respond to few of our questions,
however after several email correspondence with the brand, we didn’t’ hear back from them.

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