Skincare reviews can be some of the most important out there. This is because your skin is something that is precious- that is delicate- and that we all want to care for in a personal way.

It’s easy to get lost in the wealth of articles out there. Reviews across the internet can be vast and varied. Much of what you read might be fuelled by sales and marketing. You might dive into an abundance of hyped opinions, offered by real users, but then find yourself wading through hundreds of comments to build up a true picture of what a product is like.

Therefore, when it comes to reading up on products, you want a source that is reliable, dependable and can boast only honest information. BeautyInquire can be your go-to source!

We stand by our reviews:
Everything we review here at BeautyInquire has been genuinely experienced, extensively researched, and used by real people. We explore products and brands individually, aiming to reveal their true value. It’s our aim to investigate whether these products will work well for you and your skin type (or concern.)

As our name suggests, we ‘inquire’ into every aspect of your beauty products, including: ingredient information; customer care; packaging and potential offers. With the rigour of our reviews, we ensure only the most trusted products receive our recommendations and awards. We are passionate about testing products and we take great pride in what we do.

Our reviews consider big brand names, reviewing some of their top products, as well as evaluating whether they are worth their (often more expensive) price tags. Likewise, we also review smaller or ‘unknown’ brands for you, finding you savings and making suggestions for products that you may not have heard of before- or been unsure to try.

We recognize you as a beautiful human being, with real skin!
We fully appreciate that you want to know the ins and outs of products that you might use- and how they might present on your skin when you apply them.

With this in mind, we research the ingredients within the products we write about. We use a reliable source to check out- on your behalf- whether the product is made with high-quality elements. We give you this information using our 5-star rating system.
Also on our 5-star rating system, we include ‘customer care.’ As a buyer, you want to purchase products from places that are trustworthy, reliable and with great customer service! We account for things such as: ease of online shopping, information provided by the company, any concerns (with delivery or postage) – or with the company care in general.


When it comes to skincare, the texture is important:
We take this seriously, thinking how best each skin care product should feel on the skin: we like to give honest reviews on whether each product meets the expectation. Different products aspire to different sensations, and our reviews detail the textures you might experience per product.


Be informed, without marketing jargon:
When it comes to skincare reviews, we are rightly proud of what we’ve got here at BeautyInquire. It is our hope that our reviews help you to find the right skin care products for you- but you take the lead when it comes to searching through our site! We don’t push you down any path or spout out marketing jargon. Instead, we want to keep you well informed.

‘Quick glance’ content options are available at the top of every page, in addition to our detailed and extensive reviews! Within the ‘quick glance,’ you will find a summary, a table of pro and cons, pricing reference and we also use our 5-star rating. This star rating represents the key aspects in relation to each skin care product. So, if you’re in a hurry, rest assured you’ll still be able to find the information you need. In other words, you take the lead when it comes to how you want to read our reviews. Whether you follow the depth and detail that we give- or you go for a quick glance approach- we want you to love utilizing BeautyInquire when it comes to handpicking your beauty products!


At BeautyInquire, you might look out for our Seal Awards, which we give to brands for outstanding products. Whilst there will always be a subjective element to reviewing skin care, we take steps to carefully consider only giving these awards to products that are truly outstanding from the rest. We rarely give out our Seals. It is ‘you’ that we want to keep happy: our reviews are for you, the reader.