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The Body Shop Skincare Brand Review

The Body Shop Skincare Brand Review


Both instore and online, The Body Shop offers a ‘question style’ service, where they hope to help you figure out what type of skin you have- and what types of skin concern you want to address.

On the website, this is provided in the form of an easy-to-navigate page. In store, staff are friendly and trained to guide you with their expertise in skin care.

The Body Shop Review: The ‘Clean’ Skin Care Products
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Famed for its ‘heart’ and ‘beliefs,’ The Body Shop was the first global brand in the beauty sector to be 100% vegetarian: their natural and cruelty-free ethos still stands strongly today. In addition to this, The Body Shop continues to launch high-quality, freshly scented and affordable products. This company aims to cater for all skin types, which makes it and appealing brand to turn to! Many of the skin care products are created as part of specially-designed ‘collections,’ to help customers to find a skin care routine which will work for them, as an individual. Bottom Line: The Body Shop is all about products that promote a natural, fresh and ethical vision for skin care. Many of the products are affordable, and with several ranges and collections, there’s something that’s likely to suit everyone. The Body Shop helps you to consider your own skin type (both instore and online,) so that you can find the best products for you. Some of the products are a little on the smaller side, so it’s worth stocking up when offers or discounts become available. Starter Kit: $22

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For ‘normal’ skin, there’s the very popular Vitamin E range. Vitamin E has properties promoting hydration and protection against pollution and UVA. With this vitamin, there’s a sense that you can feel comfortable applying a little bit of goodness to your skin!

The Body Shop sell moisturizers, cleansers, face wipes, mists and eye creams within this vitamin-infused range, so it’s good to have lots of options to choose from. In pink, feminine coloring, there’s something sweetly tempting about this selection of products.


The Vitamin E Cream Cleanser:

Best seller
Body Shop E-Cleanser

In particular, the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser is a ‘bestseller’ and boasts of a rich, moisturizing experience.

Used to cleanse the skin and take make-up off, this product feels soft and smooth in texture.

It is also effective at wiping away make-up: it even removes waterproof mascara in a couple of wipes!

The feeling of silkiness sustains with this product. It has a long-lasting nourishing quality.

However, this product is at its most effective when it is followed by the Vitamin E Toner– so this is something to consider additionally purchasing when it comes to checking out your shopping basket.


For dry skin, the ‘Oils of Life’ range comes recommended.

This skin care set is infused with 3 seed oils: Camellia from China; Rosehip from Chile and Black Cumin seed oil from Egypt.

Oils are concentrated sources of nutrients and these oil seeds are chosen to complement one another in providing light and restorative hydration.

(obviously, items from the oils of life collection can be purchased individually, we just fell in love with this gift box)

Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Cream:


Particularly, the ‘’ is a moisturizer which absorbs to make skin feel bright and healthy. It also has an amazing fragrance and is very ‘full’ in texture (only small amounts need be applied each time.)

Packaged in a gold, minimalist style, the bottles help to promote a sense of high quality and richness. This product is perhaps at the more luxury end but, on the plus side, it is very long lasting.

The Oils of Life Cream is better aimed at skin starting to show signs of aging, because of its revitalizing properties and micro-pearls.

Facial and Body Care Expert for The Body Shop, Vanda Serrador, provides a very helpful video showing you how to best apply The Oils of Life products (she even has lots of fun with it- likening the skin care regime to a ‘dance!’)


Sensitive skin can be one of the trickiest types to suit, but this is where The Body Shop succeeds in delivering skin care that tends to avoid ‘nasties.’ Not only that, but the shop specializes in two, arguably great, collections for sensitive skin.

It has ‘cooling’ properties – and the extracts sourced by The Body Shop are taken from the soft center of this tough-looking plant.

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In similar effect, the Camomile collection is calming. Camomile (a flower and herb,) is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, creating a soothing effect in skin

Aloe Soothing Night Cream


The Aloe Soothing Night Cream claims to ‘soothe and calm’ sensitive skin, adding a velvety touch to pre-sleep skin care routine. With sensitive skin, one of the main hopes is to find items that avoid irritation.

This is especially true if you experience certain skin conditions. Fortunately, this cream feels gentle when applied and is very ‘light’ on the skin’s surface.

The ‘aloe’ quality helps to calm skin and this cream is great for avoiding unwanted, greasy sensations. Instead, this product has a very ‘welcome’ consistency.

Over time, the cost of this product has crept up- so it’s ‘one to watch’ when any offers at The Body Shop are available. It’s worth stocking up on, if you’re going to use it regularly, as the cream does come in a relatively small tub.

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter


For fans of beauty ‘butters,’ the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter comes recommended at a very reasonable price.

This cleansing butter is good for removing make-up from sensitive skin. It’s an easy-to-use cleanser and is definitely ‘sumptuous-’ it creates a sensation of ‘melting away’ your make-up!

Also, as a contact lens wearer, this cleanser also seems non-irritable and does not interfere with delicate eyes.

For the best-desired effect, it’s nice to complete this cleanse by rinsing off your face with water and a wet muslin after using the Butter. The only thing you might wish for with this cleaning butter is that it would come in a bigger size!


Some skin types suffer from oily breakouts, greasy sensations or acne. If this is you, The Body Shop showcases some promising solutions.

The Tea Tree collection is vast and varied. Most of The Body Shop’s Tea Tree products are ‘Best Selling’ on their website- a good sign!


The very affordably priced ‘Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash’ is one to try. Use it by lathing it into a cooling wash on your face.

You will likely experience tingly sensations- it helps to feel that the tea tree oil is ‘doing something’ to your skin- and hopefully, it is.

This Facial Wash leaves a ‘squeaky clean’ feeling without making you feel ‘too dry,’ and a little bit of this product seems to stretch a long way, making it super value for money.

However, do be wary that this product can be a bit too harsh on sensitive skin. Also, it has a strong smell that can be a bit love/hate: some love it; some can’t stand it, so the Clearing Facial Wash does come at the cost of personal preference!


In-line with the natural sense of The Body Shop is the Seaweed collection– and the products that they steer you towards if you have combination skin. Seaweed is full of mineral-adding-softness.

One of the nicest products in this range is the’ Seaweed Pore Cleansing Exfoliator.’ With jojoba beads to exfoliate, this works well for a refreshing experience and can leave your skin with a silky, new feel.

The best way to use it is to massage it in using your fingertips, then rinse it off with warm water.


What’s great about The Body Shop is that they don’t just stop at skin care for your face. There’s also body butters, sun cream, scrubs, lotions and washes.

Their products aim to be enriching and naturally sourced where possible, with fresh fragrances and the desire for really looking after your skin.

Here we have explored some of the most significant Body Shop ranges, but there wasn’t much information available- on immediate product viewings- with regards to which products might work best for different age groups.

Also, it would have been good for products claiming to have ‘anti-aging effects’ to offer further information as to how this works on the skin. If you’re looking for anti-aging skin care, it might be worth considering more authoritative brands in this field such as the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel.

The Body Shop is a ‘conscientious’ brand. They want to conserve plant habitats, care for the environment and support sustainability. By buying from this beauty brand, one thing that’s very appealing is their genuine expression of CARE, both for the planet- and for your skin!


This is a lovely brand to turn to if you want to be sure that ‘someone else,’ apart from you, truly cares about what you’re applying to your skin.

With a selection of thoughtfully sourced and vegetarian ingredients– enriched with plant extracts and vitamins where possible- it’s nice to feel that you’re applying a little bit of goodness to your skin care routine.

Additionally, The Body Shop cater specifically for all different skin types. This is very helpful for figuring out which range of products you might prefer and what might work for you.

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