Uncovered: The Snow Teeth Whitening Review

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The Snow Teeth Whitening Review

How would you like your smile to be described as a beautiful one that lights up the room? If you are reading this investigative review article, we are pretty sure you want to have that kind of smile.

There are many companies set up for the sole purpose of making you feel more confident about your smile and teeth. Foremost among these companies is Snow, which was founded by Josh Elizetxe.

It’s published on their site that their R&D started in 2015, according to our sources the company seemed to be founded around August 2016, the trending activity and buzz started around 2018.

As we see the celebrities as a form of marketing, and Josh himself talks about that celebrities are a form of branding strategy, – we will put aside all the celebrities in our review.
What we will focus on in this article, is if the product meets the expectations OR if Josh is a good marketer.

Thousands consider Snow to be a leader when it comes to the teeth whitening business. we will dive deeper into both sides of the story in this investigative review.

We must admit, they do have fancy ads, and if you do not like to book any appointments with the dentist and deal with all the stress and time wastage that comes with it, then this might be the product for you.     

Before we dive into this review, you can quickly find all our scores right on top of this article.  

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Are you looking for whiter and brighter teeth that boost your confidence as you go about your business? Do you want sparkling teeth that make it so easy for you to smile at strangers at the park or at your partner without any cause for worry? If yes, then this Snow whitening kit is made just for you if you are looking for an inexpensive soluton, we believe this is not a replacement for a real doctor whitening treatment process which will give the highest level of results, however that is a totally different price range, but for sure snow is more effective than the cheaper solutions of stipes you would buy at Walgreens. 

* Effectiveness Level – score mentioned above – our score result is a combination of our conversations with 5 real customers, who used it on a daily basis for more than 1 Month. 


Bottom Line:

If you want sparkling and brilliant white teeth without having to break the bank or sweat, choose this whitening kit from Snow.


PRICE:   Kit starts from $200 – but they do have higher costing packages


$50 OFF

We recommend you start with the kit, but you can also assemble the items you want. 

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Many substances can cause staining of teeth. The common ones include food and beverages such as tea, coffee, wine, sauces, and berries.

That is without counting other substances such as tobacco and poor hygiene habits. It is common that as time goes by, there develop stains on our teeth and our smile is no longer the same as before. But calm down do not fret. It has a solution.

Having a white and bright smile gives a very good impression of you. If you do not have it and you are eager to achieve it, there are various methods to whiten your teeth, which would bring a great change to your smile. One such method is using a home teeth whitening kit. 


What is tooth whitening?


What is tooth whitening anyway? 

Tooth whitening is a clinical procedure with the goal of helping people achieve whiter teeth by applying a chemical or natural product. 

For the best teeth whitening results, there is no substitute for doing it at the Dentist’s office. 
However, you can undergo the procedure from the comfort of your home with a variety of solutions which some will bring better result than others:

  • Stripes – you have stipes which are pretty cheap and can bring a decent temporary solution

  • Whitening toothpaste – is usually well priced and is a nice accommodation for any other whitening solution   

  • and there is Snow – we will try and cover their competitors later on this year, but currently, they are leading the market so we are starting here. 

You must have seen pictures of people and celebrities online with a device that emits light in their mouth. The people you saw were using their teeth whitening kits then. See how convenient they were? That’s how the whitening kit works.

So, what’s the deal with LED and UV lights? From our research specialists have always used lights such as LED and UV to make the teeth whitening process faster. This technology is the same that has now been put into these tiny devices.

Blue light, by itself, has no impact on teeth whitening but activates tooth whitening causes. What this means is that for quicker results, you need a teeth whitening kit.

Light Emitting Diode or LED light teeth whitening has largely replaced UV light dental clinics because the results are more profound. It is also safer. UV light tends to threaten the health of your gums and any other part of the face that is not a tooth.

How to measure the success of a teeth whitening at home?

To know whether your teeth whitening kit is working or not, you need a shade guide.
A shade guide is like a color palette that contains the different shades of teeth color that there is.

If you are observant, you might have noticed something similar on your trips to the dentist.
In the dentist’s office, you would find some kind of ruler that shows different shades of teeth color.

The guide is one in which you can compare the color of your teeth when starting treatment and check their progress as you do it.
The shade guide can clearly show you if your teeth are getting brighter or not.


Tooth shade guide

When we started this investigative review, what we wanted is to inquire about the ‘non-obvious’ part of the product,  
after talking with customers, there was one thing that we realized we should write about which was kinda missing out there – the shade guide!  

One way you can tell if you are getting a sophisticated and well thought of teeth whitening kit is if there is a shade guide in the package.
The absence of a shade guide should raise red flags.

If you do not have a shade guide, it is very difficult to measure the success of the treatment,
since the color of our teeth is perceived in different ways according to the light in which they are seen.

Do not get carried away by the kits that promise to make your teeth brighter because in truth, your teeth’s natural color is different from that of the person beside you.
Getting your teeth, many shades brighter might have a not so desirable result.

If you do not see the expected results, do not use the splints for more than the period indicated by the manufacturers. You may think that this will make your teeth whiten faster, but the fact is that it could make it worse.

At the same time, overfilling the cuvettes more than recommended by the manufacturer could cause the material to leak and cause damage to other areas in your mouth like your gums.
Excess whitening as well could cause the natural shine of your teeth to fade. Your teeth might now look like dry bone or chalk or like that of your beloved grandmother.

Therefore, it is better to think of slow and gradual improvements, and not a perfect smile that we may not be able to achieve.  
So thumbs up, the Snow kit comes with a nice shade guide! 

Is the home Snow teeth whitening Kit safe?

The product is FDA approved and it’s written on the package itself, so we consider it to be safe. 
Please consult with your dentist if you have teeth issues. 

What is in the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit?

The Snow teeth whitening kit is of two kinds. There are the Snow At-home Teeth Whitening All-in-one Kit and the Snow Wireless charging At-home Teeth Whitening Kit.
The All-in-one kit contains a wired LED mouthpiece, a shade guide, 3 whitening wands, and one extra-strength whitening wand. This kit works with the Snow app, so you can easily control the whitening intensity. The extra-strength whitening wand produces clearer results than the normal whitening wands.
The Wireless charging At-home kit as the name suggests is wireless. It also works with the Snow app although it has special features. These features include the ability to track your progress and also to get specialized treatments according to your needs.
This kit contains all that is in the All-in-one kit but with added content like a docking station, lip treatment, 1 desensitizing serum and wireless LED mouthpiece.


How to use Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

The kits are simple to use as all you need to do is written on the instruction manual on the package. The instructions are:

  1. Brush and floss your teeth before use. Doing this would help to remove food bits that hang in between your teeth. It also helps to get rid of harmful bacteria.
  2. Apply desensitizing serum. If you have highly sensitive teeth (If you experience sharp pains in your teeth when you take cold or hot food) it is important that you apply this serum.
  3. Use whitening serum. This is the juicy part. Apply serum depending on how badly your teeth are stained. You would have to twist the wand to get the serum out. Remember that this serum is for your teeth, so wipe off other parts of your mouth that it might touch.
  4. Get your teeth whitened. No matter the kit that you get, the goal is to get the device’s lights on. Once the lights are on, place the device in your mouth. The company recommends that you use it for about 15 minutes for a month.


How much is the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

These kits start at $200. This is a fair price considering the value of the product (we will try and cover alternatives later on this year – let us know what other brands you want us to test next!)


Overall Experience

After interviewing 5 real customers of snow, we can say with confidence that Snow provides value for money when considering a whitening kit.
If you want to fly business, a dentist with good reviews will be able to provide the highest level of results. 

Overall, Snow is a brand you can trust if you want a big bright smile. 

The coupon on top of the page is for the kit and we recommend you start with the kit, 

however, if you want to buy separate snow items, here is a special 20% off: 

20% OFF

This deal will allow you to buy any snow products with 20% off. 
if this is your first purchase, we do recommend you start with the kit. 

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