Ahava Review – All The Fresh Product Details And the Hydration Cream Mask Story.

Ahava Brand Review

Ahava Skincare Brand Review

Our Ahava skincare review began while we visited the “Fashion Week Tel Aviv 2019”, but we didn’t stop there, all the 2020 updates are inside:

Ahava Review
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This Israeli company has a huge follower base in Israel and hosts international dominance, with over 30 years of experience creating skin care products infused with minerals, found only in the Dead Sea. They’re known in the skin care world thanks to their Professional Care line, which includes Dead Sea minerals meant to tackle all kinds of problematic skin care conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, seborrhea and diabetic foot, amongst others… However, it’s their “regular” best selling products that truly got our attention. The products dance the line between affordable and expensive, with reasonable prices for the results they deliver, which are almost always positive and exactly what you expect from each one of them. Bottom Line  Ahava is a spectacular brand to spoil yourself with, they are among the top 3 brands from the Dead Sea (the other leading brands in this category are Jericho Cosmetics and Premier Dead Sea.) The company is the kind of skin care brand that can fit almost any skin type and routine with premium quality which includes trademarks and a huge fan base of followers. The powerful properties found in ‘Dead Sea,’ such as mud, salt and minerals will nourish your skin, reduce its oiliness and successfully handle cases of acne and eczema. The effectiveness of Ahava products isn’t medical-grade. However, certain Ahava products can ease (not heal) cases of hard skin issues like psoriasis. We suggest trying one of their products to see if you belong to their tribe.

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Israel Fashio n Week 2019
Ahava Store Just outside Fashion Week Tel Aviv 2019.
Ahava Store
An Official Ahava Store In Israel.

This review includes the bestselling- and some of the handpicked- products.

As a special celebration to the 30 years of the brand, we would like to start this review with a spcial homage to thier best product so far and it’s story. 

Are you ready?   

Hydration Cream Mask:

hydration Cream

So why is this even a story? we found this hyperallergic hydration cream extremely straightforward, but it’s magnitude is that has the entire essence of the Ahava story in one single product.
Yes, Ahava may have products with more minerals and richer formula’s, but the brand never really managed to produce a one ‘mainstream’ product that everyone talks about, until now.
So we tested the product and this is our feedback:


  • It’s the sweet spot of price, value and essence in a mainstream product.
  • No weird fluff or gimmick to make this a best seller, simply a classic product.
  • A calming scent that makes you feel at the Dead Sea
  • The mud is in the exact right texture amount (not too bulky like you might find in other products)
  • We confirm it has safe ingredients (no parabens)
  • Hydrates perfectly
  • This specific product is a 5 out of 5


  • Ahava is not anymore a fine Israeli brand, but rather owned by a Chinese corporation – is this a bad thing? we are not sure, but we are still watching them closely, to see that they are deeply connected to the reasons Ahava started out 30 years ago.   

    Here are some of the real reviews from the Ahava product page: 

hydration reviews


Ahava Mineral Botanic Body Lotion: 

The Ahava Mineral Botanic Body Lotion got ouAhava_mineral_botanic_lotionr attention due to its remarkable calming fragrance and texture. These are the two scents we got our hands on:

  • Hibiscus & Fig Scent Edition
  • Lemon & Sage Scent Edition

Thanks to its composition, a little goes a long way and the botanical lotions absorb quickly, though you may want to consider buying more than one bottle at once, since the body lotion is so pleasant you’ll want to use it all the time.

The scent takes your imagination to perfect relaxing botanic gardens. Combined with the smooth and silky texture, we feel it’s a pleasure to use it right after a nice, warm bath.

Ahava also has a regular Dead Sea mineral body lotion that comes also in a much larger size called the “Triple Size Body Lotion, which we recommend you get if you are on a budget and just care about the Dead Sea minerals.


Ahava Purifying Dead Sea Mud Soap:

Since the days of beautiful  Cleopatra,  the remarkable properties of the Dead Sea Mud have been a popular talk in the middle east region.


Thanks to its potent purifying properties, the Ahava Purifying Dead Sea Mud Soap is more than capable of tackling most cases of acne and even mild eczema.

Even if you don’t have any skin problems, you will feel as if this soap takes you to a health spa resort every day, with its pure scents of the earth.

While the bar can be a little expensive, it is value for money if you look at what you get –  consider also that one bar of soap lasts for a long time, so we highly recommend adding this one to your basket. The Purifying soap is effective to be used on your face and on the rest of your body.


Ahava Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 Facial Serum: 


The Ahava Crystal Osmoter X6 Serum has a high concentration of minerals –  12 of the 24 minerals in this serum are exclusively found in the Dead Sea water.

These minerals, along with the use of oils such as jojoba and macadamia, give this facial serum powerful wrinkle-reduction effects that have been endorsed by celebrities like ScarJo herself.

They promise the following on their website:Ahava_Case_Study

Please let us know in the comments if you are a 28-day user of this Serum and what your experience is with the Ahava Crystal Osmoter X6.

The price of this product is relatively high, but if this holds it promises, it’s more than worth the price!


Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Face Concentrate:

Osmoter face concentrateThe Ahava Osmoter Face Concentrate is a more affordable and slightly less powerful version of the X6, this facial serum also uses a “strong dose” of Dead Sea minerals to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.

The only real difference, other than the price tag, is that the concentration of said minerals is lower.

While this product is advertised mostly because of its anti-aging properties, it’s also a fantastic product for those with a very sensitive or dry skin, as it’s easy to absorb without causing any irritation.

If you’re worried about the Face Concentrate not being as good as the X6, don’t worry.

Less powerful doesn’t mean less effective! Users of this product report seeing a dramatic improvement in their skin and general appearance, though at a slower pace than the X6 Facial Serum.

Overall, we suggest using the Osmoter Face Concentrate as your trial version, and if you enjoy what it does for your skin, then you can upgrade to the X6 Facial Serum.

Ahava Purifying Mud Mask


This mineral-rich Purifying Mud Mask takes just 2 minutes to use from start to finish.

Thanks to the minerals found in the Dead Sea mud, this purifying mud mask aspires to deliver some notable skin-cleaning results.

An official Ahava ‘how to’ video for the Purifying Mud Mask:


This mask not only helps hydrate your skin, but it also absorbs excess oils.

The texture of this mask is pleasant, and it slides easily over your skin. This mask doesn’t leave you waiting for 25 minutes until it dries out, but rather it’s more of a softer type of mask and only takes 2 minutes to wash it off.

If it’s the only Ahava product you’re using, you will feel the freshness, and even though you might not notice results right away, it will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed – we loved it.

Ahava Extreme Night Treatment


The Extreme Night Treatment is one of Ahava’s most powerful products- and a bestseller!

Made with ingredients from all over the world, including the Dead Sea and the Himalayas, The Extreme Night Treatment is not a Premium serum, and its anti-aging properties more than makes up for the price.

The Extreme Night Treatment is a potent product: we believe that, as a flagship product, it will deliver on its promises.

However, we don’t recommend it to those with clinical skin problems as a therapeutic solution.

Please write on the comments if you had 4 weeks+ with this item and what results you got with this one.

Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer – Normal to Dry


The Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer is an excellent addition to every skin care routine out there. This day moisturizer is packed with Dead Sea goodness and will leave your skin hydrated, soft and ready for whatever the next step of your daily skin-care routine is.

This daily moisturizer is effective enough on its own and can be used in combination with other products, though we do recommend sticking to the Ahava line with this product.

The smell is good, the texture is lightweight and easy to absorb. Repeated use helps minimize breakouts and other complications.

If you’re willing to pay a little extra to couple it with other Ahava products, we recommend the cleansing gel. They both work well with products from other companies while still packing enough “punch” to make a difference in your skin care routine.


Ahava Dead Sea Osmotor Eye Concentrate

Ahava-Eye.PNGAs you know, a good eye cream is an essential part of a great skin care routine, and what’s better than a good eye cream? A good eye concentrate.

The Dead Sea Osmotor Eye Concentrate is exactly that.This powerful serum can help hydrate and revitalize the skin around your eyes, making it look more youthful after just 4 weeks (According to Ahava).

While the package is very small, a little goes a long way with this dedicated serum, as a couple of drops are more than enough to give the skin around your eyes the extra boost it needs to stay healthy and firm.

This serum is remarkably gentle too, making it a good option for people with very dry or sensitive skin.

Ahava Refreshing Cleansing Gel


If you’d like to try Ahava products but you’re not sure where to start, we recommend the cleansing gel.

Not only is it one of Ahava’s most affordable products, but also one of the easiest to insert those rare minerals in your existing skin care routine.

With the gel you’ll be able to wash your face with very little product while still experiencing the refreshing feeling Ahava is known for.

The refreshing cleanser works even if it’s the only part of your skin care routine, though it may dry your skin if you don’t use moisturizer after it.

Because of this, we recommend using with the Ahava daily moisturizer.

Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Body Concentrate

Ahava_bodyIntense skin care shouldn’t be reserved only to your face and that’s what the Dead Sea body concentrate is all about.

Enriched with potent Dead Sea minerals, this serum is capable of hydrating even the driest skin without irritating or leaving any stickiness, making it an excellent tool when combating dried out cracked feet.

Since this is a body product, you may be tempted to believe the presentation is on the small side, but as with other Ahava products, a little goes a long way and you’ll find that even a small quantity of this body concentrate can cover a large area of your body.

Ahava Skin Care Price Tag

With a price tag that walks the line between clinical and over-the-counter products, Ahava isn’t necessarily the most affordable option out there, but this brand isn’t the most expensive one either.

Ahava’s body lotions, for example, tend to be around $40 dollars, while the more “regular” products, such as daily wash and mud soap can be bought for $20.

The anti-age serums and mud masks, Ahava’s flagship products, can cost anything between $100 to $120 dollars, but they deliver amazing results.

Our verdict here is that you get value for money.



Ahava has a relatively straightforward packaging that takes you to the relaxing Dead Sea, as it seems inspired by the Dead Sea mud the company is known for.

The packaging uses beige and brown shades.

The products, with the exception of the serums, are quite reasonably sized and you’ll find that they’ll last for a lot longer than you originally expected.

In fact, we only wish the serums were bigger because we liked them that much.


One of Ahava’s strongest points is the texture of their products- which is almost always pleasing.

The serums are lightweight and absorb quickly without leaving any stickiness. The face wash feels roughly the same as any other face wash when using it, but leaves a wonderfully clean and the fresh feeling afterward.

The mud, Ahava’s most popular, is very soft and pleasing to the touch, gliding easily over your skin.

Best of all, it doesn’t feel itchy even if you let it dry, which is a huge win in our book.


Some of their scents will get you hooked, such as the ‘Botanic’ product we covered.

Nourishment Level

This is where Ahava truly shines, thanks to the properties of the Dead Sea minerals.

Both clinical trial subjects and regular consumers report seeing an improvement in their skin after the 4 weeks of use of their flagship products we covered here, and this improvement only grows more noticeable after repeated use of their products.

While using the complete line delivers results faster, even using one or two products can change the look and feel of your skin.

This goes double for the serums, where the Extreme Night and X6 truly shine.

The fact that all of Ahava’s products are compatible and effective with most skin types, including combination and sensitive skin, is one of the best things Ahava products have going for them.

Ahava Skin Care Summary

Ahava is an absolute crowd-pleaser, in the sense that it’s a sophisticated brand, with an incredible line of mineral-rich products.

There’s no exaggerating about the skin nourishing properties of Dead Sea minerals, you can read many publications backing the Dead Sea mineral wonders to the skin.

Ahava invests heavily in R&D and testing to study the therapeutic effectiveness of their products.

Because these minerals help hydrate, reduce oiliness and work well with sensitive skin, Ahava products can safely be used by people with skin conditions.

Consider Ahava an investment, rather than an expense.

Free Shipping+ 3 Samples

Free Shipping on Orders of $75+ and 3 Free Samples

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