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Loccitane Product Review

L’Occitane Products Review

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L’Occitane Skin Care Review
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Vast fields full of Provence flowers and herbs lay at the core of L’Occitane’s inspiration (France.)

This beauty brand boasts a range of natural ingredients, expertly extracted and infused within luxury skincare products for soothing, replenishing results.

We trust L’Occitane En Provence when it comes to treating skin in need of nourishment and deep moisturization.

This is because the most ‘stand out’ products from this brand tend to include African Shea Butter and ‘Immortelle’ oil, extracted from a flower with a sweet, honey-like scent (and known for its healing properties.)

Let our L’Occitane Products Review guide you through some popular purchases.

Bottom Line
Elements of natural ingredients within these products create a silky, moisturizing glow. L’Occitane products are easy to source and indulge in.

Whilst some of the products are strongly scented, the ingredients are equally as ‘strong’ for their desired soothing, radiant effects on your skin.


3 Free Shea Hand Creams + Collectible Tin with any $50 Purchase

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L’Occitane Hand Cream (Shea Butter)

L’Occitane Hand Cream (Shea Butter)

One of the longest-standing L’Occitane products is the multi-award-winning Shea Butter Hand Cream. Every 3 seconds a purchase of this product is made, somewhere in the world.

So what’s so great about this clearly acclaimed Best Seller?

Firstly, one of the biggest appeals of the L’Occitane hand cream is the 20% shea butter ingredient included, creating naturally soft and nourishing sensations for the hands.

Olivier Baussen (founder of the brand,) asked one of his chemists to top the shea butter up to 20% (from the original 5%,) in order to give the women in Africa- sourcing the butter- more work. And, of course, it seemed to ‘pay off’ in the hand cream’s success.

The hand cream tends to receive rave reviews for how soft it leaves skin feeling. For maximum nourishment, this product is also doused with almond, honey and coconut oil- a perfect blend of naturally moisturizing ingredients.

The Shea Butter Hand Cream has a subtle scent and it’s great to have a product that stretches a long way for its (relatively) affordable price tag.

Finally, the hand cream is also available to buy in travel size- ideal for slipping into a handbag and being able to indulge the skin whilst out and on-the-go. This iconic product genuinely does seem a great one: it lives up to expectation!

Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream

Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream

Also containing soothing shea butter is the Light Comforting Cream. This is a light, non-oily cream for the face, which seems to moisturize well without being too greasy.

Containing 5% of the shea butter makes this a good product for dry or sensitive skin- in particular- this moisturizer seems to effectively deal with dry patches of skin.

Additionally, this is another of the company’s products where ‘a little goes a long way’ with regards to the cream itself. Although only 5% of shea butter is within this L’Occitane product, it can be said that the cream creates a lovely, silky feel upon application.

The packaging for this cream is perhaps not to the same rich, bright aesthetic as many of the other products- in fact, you might even pass it by letting it sit on a shelf. However, hopefully, next time you see it, it won’t be one to pass by.

Shea Shower Oil

Shea Shower Oil

Following the ‘shea’ theme, we also like the Shea Body Shower Oil, which provides another great experience for dry skin especially.

Using this provides a gentle clean which, in turn, makes the skin feel more soft and supple.

The shower oil has a subtle fragrance and- if shea isn’t your to your taste, L’Occitane sell a similar ‘Almond Shower Oil’ that’s worth considering for similar effects during your shower experience, too (except the almond oil one leaves behind a much stronger scent, which may unsettle very sensitive skin types.)

Immortelle Divine Youth Oil

Immortelle Divine Youth Oil

It might seem like we can only provide praise in this L’Occitane products review and, although the Immortelle Divine Youth Oil is another great one, it does come with more mixed responses.

This is because it is quite pricey per bottle- putting a higher stake on your hope for results. However, it is a luxury oil that provides enriching, fresh feel to the skin- encouraging a youthful radiance.

Some are also hesitant to apply an oil to the skin: you might have a personal preference on whether you use facial oils or not.

However, the Immortelle Divine Youth Oil absorbs brilliantly quickly and feels as if it sinks deeply into the skin. Therefore, it’s a good, moisturizing choice to go underneath makeup or powder.

It is best applied after you have washed your face: just a small amount, massaged into the skin, is advised. More mature skin seems to reap the benefits of this oil-based products.

Award-Wining Immortelle Divine Cream

Award-Wining Immortelle Divine Cream

For a more all-round approach to tackling visible signs of aging, the Immortelle Divine Cream might be your solution.

This product is rich in anti-aging molecules, using 7 natural ingredients to enhance a youthful, bright glow.

It’s organic and feels incredibly lightweight on the skin, without clogging any pores.

This cream has a lovely texture: it seems to glide onto the skin! Massage morning and night, into the skin, is the advised way to use this Divine Cream.

It’s also packaged in a radiant, gold color- like many of the French brand’s products- fulfilling and capturing the beautifully bright aesthetic of the Immortelle flower!

The Cream comes with a significantly more expensive price tag than many of its counterpart in-store products, but it remains ‘Best Loved’ by buyers, supporting the fact that this is a great anti-aging solution.

Its velvety texture is particularly celebrated and appreciated, alongside the healing benefits of the beaming Immortelle flower oil, making this such a uniquely desirable cream.

This L’Occitane product does have a rather strong scent, which might not be to everyone’s taste- so it might be a good idea to test or check out the products, where possible, before purchase. You can do this by using the company’s ‘Near Me’ Store Locator Tool.

L’Occitane ‘Near Me’ Store Locator Tool

Talking of testing or checking out products in person, there is a unique and helpful tool on the L’Occitane website.

The L’Occitane ‘Near Me’ Store Locator Tool allows you to search for where you can find the brand’s products closest to you or your desired location.

You can even filter the type of place you’d like to purchase from. If you’ve got time to spare at an airport (for example,) you can very quickly find your nearest L’Occitane counter!

This is a great feature to have on the website and it’d be great if more beauty brands followed suit: it’s often a treat to experience an hour or two trying out products in the flesh!

L’Occitane ‘Near Me’ Store Locator Tool

Visiting a store is always fun, however, we highly recommend the brand’s online services. Not only is the website easy to navigate, here we can supply you with a L’Occitane coupon to use on site after you’ve finished browsing- for now!

To use this coupon, apply the promo code found on this page at checkout. It’s that simple!

This is a great chance to treat yourself to the Shea Butter Cream, Comforting Cream, Divine Cream and Shower Oil we have mentioned.

However, you could also use your L’Occitane coupon to stock up on other products from the brand, whether it be a luxury soap, lotion or an Eau de Toilette.

If you love skincare brands with stores across the country, then you might want to check out our Kiehl’s review.

Overall Experience

Overall, L’Occitane is great for skin which needs nourishment and moisturization, boasting the benefits of including natural products.

Although some products don’t have a huge amount of natural ingredients within them (regardless of the marketing,) we can’t argue that the L’Occitane products are successful at softening the skin to be more supple and comfortable.

As our L’Occitane products review states, some scents are quite strong (depending on the product,) so be wary of a little personal preference here. However, the textures receive rave reviews, with quick absorption and silkiness on the skin.

Packaged for luxury aesthetic, with many of the products in a ‘golden glow’ color, you get the impression you are paying for something that is radiant and bright, much like the brand’s iconic ‘Immortelle’ flower ingredient!


3 Free Shea Hand Creams + Collectible Tin with any $50 Purchase

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