Then here’s an opportunity for you!

We’re welcoming super passionate beauty bloggers to become our real guest contributors,
which means you will get to publish with your real name on our website here at

Due to our highest level of standards, unfortunately, we don’t accept paid guest posts.
Any request for advertising or paid posts will be rejected in advance. 

However if you have experienced a trending product or a strong brand and have value to share, then we would love you to write for our site, alongside our professional writers and editors- and share your honest review. It’s a great way to have your opinion reach new audiences, as well as continue building up a name for yourself within the beauty blogging world.

We look forward to hearing from you!

1) Send us a brief email letting us know about yourself, your blog and the product or brand you want to give an honest review of.
2) If you own or are affiliated with a beauty brand and you want to write about it, then your proposal will be rejected, unless you are open for an interview.
3) We accept reviews from contributors that have real ‘hands-on’ experience with influencing or blogging. In return, your opinion will get shared to our vibrant community.

After our initial ‘ok’ via email, we will provide you with our template. This will enable your review article to perfectly match our website.

Please note that we publish only high-quality content, with great value to share. Once accepted, please follow our editor’s feedback.

Good luck!