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Do you enjoy yoga? Do you? Do you have a tendency to be flexible and limber? If so, then congratulations- it looks like there is a good chance that you are indeed a yoga person! Here’s the deal: if this quiz has suggested that your personality traits are more in line with the yogi lifestyle than not, then we’ve got some tips for how to get started as well as what to wear. But before we jump into all of those details, let’s take our quiz… ❤️❧💙☀✨👌‍♂😊 📝

Do you like breathing deeply and stretching your muscles?

don't over think this question... be real!
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Do the poses look like they would be challenging but feel good after doing them?

Do you enjoy being indoors and workout in a studio with soft music playing in the background?

Most of the practices will be in studio's with many people

Are YOU a yoga person? Find out by taking this quiz:
Yes you are a Yoga Person!
Read on the full article to learn more... 🙂
It's not really your cup of tea and it's ok not to do Yoga "-)
There are many other cool things to do in the world!

If these are things that resonate with you, then it might be time to consider adding some yoga into your fitness routine.

Yoga is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of exercise for people across the country. In fact, many people have even been able to quit their gym membership because they’re getting all of their workouts done on mats at home!

What are the benefits of Yoga?

There are many benefits associated with doing yoga on a regular basis. Some of these include: -Improved mood and reduced stress levels -Increased flexibility in the muscles, joints & spine for better posture alignment – Increased energy level (without caffeine!) — Healthier sleep cycles— Decreased anxiety or depression symptoms– More confidence to handle life’s challenges.

What are the popular types of Yoga? and how to choose the right one for you?

There are many types of yoga classes out there. This can make it difficult for beginners to know which is the right one! Below, we discuss three popular styles:

  • HATHA YOGA: -Hatha Yoga — The most common style you’ll find in gyms and studios around town; good place if looking get a blend between physical practice & spiritual experience-
  • VINYASA YOGA: -Similar to Hatha, but it’s a more vigorous form of yoga that is designed for an active lifestyle— It features sun salutations and flowing sequences where the breath & movement are in sync- Vinyasa Yoga signifies union between body/mind; idea balance with fluidity. The type can be very
  • KUNDALINI YOGA: this type of yoga is popular one among the ‘new age’ crowed and is designed to awaken the “life-force” or kundalini energy at your base, and then direct it up through seven chakras; purpose is help achieve spiritual awakening. This type of yoga can be very intense– For beginners looking for a more gentle introduction into what Yoga has offer I would recommend starting with Hatha—
  • ASHTANGA YOGA: You might have heard of this type of yoga, which is the more rigorous style of yoga. It has set sequences, meaning you’ll always do postures in a specific order (Sun Salutations followed by standing poses and then sitting). This type will help strengthen your body’s muscles—
  • HATHA YOGA: Hatha Yoga targets our individual needs at different levels to promote physical fitness
  • IYENGAR YOGA: Your local neighborhood class might not offer this type of yoga, as it’s a more specialized practice with a heavy emphasis on the alignment and posture of each person in their pose. Iyengar Yoga emphasizes using props such as mats, blocks or even chair to help you perfect your poses—
  • KRIYA YOGA: Kriya is one type that’s less well-known than others.
  • BIKRAM YOGA: this one is pretty special as it only takes place in a heated room and it’s know for it’s 26 postures, practiced in a room heated to 105 °F (41 °C) – it was actually popular back in the 70’s

How to get started with Yoga? here are few beginner yoga tips:

  • Find beginner classes
  • Move to more natural skin care brand or a brand with a natural cause such as Origins (read our full Origins review here)
  • Get a yoga ball to use as props or get an instructor who will teach you the basics and work with your current flexibility levels
  • Find out what is best for my age, health condition (if any) & other considerations such find about class schedule before taking on too many commitments. You may also want some advice from friends who might know the best Yoga places
  • Get a yoga mat and don’t feel weird walking around with it in the street (this is your new self)
  • Practice deep breathing

We hope you enjoyed this personality interactive article, let us know in the comments below if you are a Yoga person or not.



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