The Best Toner for Your Skin Type: What is It and Why You Need it

So this is officially the first blog post of Beauty Inquire! (the many other posts submitted over the last few years are pure product reviews and brand reviews) – so I hope you love this new blog section! 

If you’re looking for a new toner, but not sure what it does or which one is best for your skin type, then this blog post is perfect for you!

I’ve showered, jogged and finished my morning routine. I feel fresh to write now that it’s time for the toners!

What is a Toner Used For?

Toner can be used as a makeup remover to remove excess dirt and oil from the surface of your skin. It’s also great at balancing the pH on our face and removing any leftover residue that may have been left behind by other products. This blog post will cover some of the best options in terms of ingredients and price points, plus provide you with clear instructions on how to use each one!

If you’re looking for a toner to use as an exfoliator, remove all makeup and creams first. Then apply the product with cotton pads or your fingers in gentle circular motions until it’s dry on our skin (about one minute). Finally rinse off any residue using lukewarm water! If this is too harsh of treatment

How to Choose a Toner That Suits You Best?

1. Dry skin: use a toner that contains glycerin and hyaluronic acid to help moisturize the skin 

2. Oily skin: look for alcohol-free toners with natural astringents like witch hazel or tea tree oil 

3. Combination Skin: choose a toner that has ingredients for both dryness and oiliness (like aloe vera) 

4. Sensitive Skin: find an alcohol-free, fragrance-free product with soothing ingredients like lavender

There are Three Types of Toners:  

Astringent: This type of toner is for oily skin and helps reduce the appearance or oiliness. It also tightens pores, which can help with breakouts

Hydrating Toner: A hydrating treatment that’s great if you have dry patches on your face (like in winter). The moisturizing ingredients will leave a film over those areas to keep them hydrated all day long!

Purifying Toners are best suited towards people who suffer from acne-prone/sensitive skins because they contain natural astringents like witch hazel extract as well other soothing agents such . These products remove excess oils while helping control shine without stripping away moisture so it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin complexions.


How to Use a Toner?

How do I use a toner? Start by soaking your cotton pad with the liquid and then swipe it all over your face, neck, or chest. If you want to go green but skip using a cotton pad for whatever reason – just put several drops of toner in both palms and pat them into your skin instead!

Where should you buy a toner?

You can find a toner at any drugstore or check out try out my favorite toner by Kiehls, they have many editions, but my favorite one is the Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner (link will take to the official USA site)


Let me know what you think, write to us in the comments below.




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