Which Beauty Site is the Most Popular in America?

Best 5 sites in the USA

There are many beauty websites that have popped up over the years. Some of these sites are better than others, and some offer more products while others just focus on one type of product. So which is the most popular beauty site in America? This data will show you!

How did we consider who is on this list?

To learn who are the top five most popular beauty sites in America, we checked and verified this data on a website called SimilarWeb.com, so this is not our guess! And if you are from another country, simply visit SimilarWeb and change the country to see the top 5 in your country!


So who is on the list?

Which site is your favorite?

How did that #5 make it to the hit list? This is a question for Similarweb, the world’s leading traffic data, or maybe there is some connection 🙂

Write us in the comments who is your favorite website for beauty and cosmetics!

This information was updated on April 2021, so the numbers are accurate for that date but may change as more time passes or other websites come out that might take over the crown. Now if you ask me, my fav on the list is Sephora When you click on the Sephora link it leads you to their deal page, no coupes code required to grab any of those!




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